Anthems of War



Formato: Cassette
Fecha de lanzamiento: 2003
Tipo: Compilado
Tiempo de duración: 59:02


Side of Anthems:
1. Calle del Purgatorio (COL) “Vuelvo” 5:14
2. Postmortem (CR) “Payback” 3:13
3. Silent Scream (COL) “Spoil of Divinity” 3:16
4. Ninth Level (USA) “Cathartic” 6:26
5. Twilight Glimmer (COL) “Paradox” 3:59
6. Souledge (COL) “Violent Visions” 4:01
7. Shadows and Chaos (COL) “The Infamous Sign of the Cross” 4:26


Side of War:
8. Futhark ” The Rebirth of the Pagan Pride” 5:00
9. Erebo (CR) “Into the Forest” 4:05
10. Odium (COL) “Unholy Anthology” 5:05
11. Morbid Funeral (CR) “Falling in the Spiritual Necropolis” 4:53
12. Eternal Drak (COL) “La Nueva Órden” 6:07
13. Alastor Sanguinary Embryo “Threshold To Essence (Live)” 3:22

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